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At CloudDriv, we believe in giving you complete control over your files. They belong to you, not us. Your data privacy is our top priority and we will never resell your valuable information.


Keep all your stuff together, computer backups, photo libraries, documents and every file, in one spot with CloudDriv.

You can save huge 2 TB
files, sync fast and check
previews for almost 200
file types.


We asked many users and about two-thirds said CloudDriv makes their files safer. Our focus is on keeping things easy and user-friendly.

A Collection of Useful Things to Help You Do Better and Achieve More

Your One-Stop Solution for Safe File Storage and Editing

Organize and Showcase Visuals Securely Your Central Hub for Multimedia Management

Mastering Your Office Tasks Must-Have Tools for Daily Success

Secure Your Valuable Information with CloudDriv’s Reliable Backup Service

Stay Organized and Get More Done with the Easy Calendar Tool

Enjoy Your Tunes Anywhere Organize and Access Music with MediaViewer

Stay on Track Get Stuff Done with Easy Task Management

Secure Your Files Keep Data Safe with Password Protection

Welcome to CloudDriv - Your Ultimate Personal Productivity Hub!

Do you want a single platform to make your work easier and keep things organized? The CloudDriv is the solution! It will change how you handle files, tasks and ideas. It has advanced features to make your tasks more efficient and secure.

Your Work Guide to Make Tasks Easier and Achieve More with Less Effort!

Do you want an easy way to simplify your work and accomplish more things? Our platform can help you with that! It has tools that improve working with your team and keeps your important files safe. You can also stay organized during your workday. With us, you can work smarter, collaborate better and reach your goals easily!

Get the Best Offer with Our Affordable and Awesome Plans!

 Find the perfect storage at great prices with our excellent plans! Check it out now and keep your files safe in the cloud.

A Reliable & Secure Cloud Storage

Files are Stored Securely

We prioritize the safety of your files using our advanced cloud storage system, protecting them against any potential threats. With multiple layers of security, your data remains private and accessible only to authorized users. Trust in our excellent security measures to keep your valuable information always protected. Focus on what matters most while we carefully handle your file protection.


Secured File Sharing

You can share your files with no worries using our safe file-sharing feature. Your data remains private and secure while sharing. Be confident in collaborating without any concerns about unauthorized access. Quickly share files, knowing your information is always protected. Try our secure file sharing today for a simple and dependable experience.


Backups Enabled

No worries, we’ve got your data backed up! Our system automatically creates duplicates of your files, ensuring that nothing valuable gets lost. If unexpected events occur, your data remains secure and can be quickly recovered. This feature gives you confidence, knowing your files are always backed up and accessible.


24×7 Support Available

You can reach our customer support anytime, 24×7; we’re here to help you promptly. Our dedicated team is always available to assist with any questions or concerns. You can be sure we care about your happiness and we promise to be there for you whenever you need help. Feel confident that we’ll be responsive and supportive whenever you seek assistance, day or night. Count on us to provide the help you need with a smile!


Get More Space Enjoy 15GB Free for All Your Stuff

You get 15GB of free space on your device, which means you can save many files, photos and videos without any worries about running out of storage. Downloading apps and updating software is simple with this much space. Whether you use it for work or fun, having 15GB of free space makes using your device easy and improves your overall experience.

We Pride Ourselves in Providing Bulk and Secure Storage

We're happy to give you lots of space to store your stuff. We measure it in TBs, which is a considerable amount! This means you can save all kinds of things like files, pictures and videos without worrying about space. Our unique space solutions ensure you have enough room for important stuff, whether it's work files, family memories or creative projects. Feel free to save and share as much as you want; our reliable service will care for you!

Storage for Everyone Include Family and Friends in Your Plan

With our service, you can easily add more users to your plan, including family members and others. You can allocate specific amounts of space to each user, ensuring everyone gets the necessary storage. It's a simple and convenient way to share your plan with loved ones and collaborate on essential files. So, you and your family can enjoy the benefits of our storage together, all under one secure and reliable account. You can easily manage and control each user's access, ensuring everyone's data remains private and protected. Expand your storage community and make the most out of your plan with our user-friendly features.

User-Friendly Work Tools Edit, Share and Stay Organized

You can easily use our friendly design to access and change Microsoft files like PPTs and XLS sheets. We have many free business templates to help you with your needs. Work together better by making tasks and tracking meetings on our easy-to-use calendar. Put your schedule in order and get more done with our simple tools. We care about making things easy for you to achieve your goals without trouble!

Our case studies

Client Success: See How We Made It Happen

Slide 1

Aug 18, 2023 by Shawn Fernandez

The Exciting Story of a Solo Traveler and Photographer Using CloudDriv

I’m a fearless explorer who loves going on trips by myself. I’m good at taking pictures and enjoy discovering new places and different ways of life.

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Slide 2

Aug 19, 2023 by Anna Benedict

From Chaos to Confidence: How CloudDriv Transformed My E-Commerce Success

I found myself handling more and more stuff. I kept adding new items to my store and the files on my computer, filled with numbers and words, were getting full.

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Slide 3

Aug 19, 2023 by Priya Sharma

My Easy Study and Teamwork with CloudDriv

I’ve got homework, tests and friends to keep up with. But the tricky part is staying organized with all my college stuff. CloudDriv came to the rescue! It’s like a digital backpack for my assignments and notes; always neat and easy to find.

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Slide 4

Aug 22, 2023 by Justin Patel

Preserving Precious Moments: My Journey with Photo Albums and CloudDriv

I love my family; they mean everything to me. Everyday, I do my best to make our home lovely and create beautiful memories with my husband, John and our two sweet kids, Emily and Liam.

Image is not available
Slide 5

Aug 22, 2023 by Neerav Jain

Making Our Company Stronger: A Story of New Ideas and Safe Storage

Our company is a big deal in coming up with new ideas. People everywhere know about us; we’ve improved things in many different areas. But as we grew, there was a big problem – dealing with all our information.

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