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Meta verse AR brought a complete change in the way education is provided to higher segments in Medical and Engineering

Augmented Reality has made a prominent and impactful place in the Metaverse by driving multiple educational implications and changing the learning approaches in the modern world.



Automate shopping with our BYOD AI software and hardware for retail stores

We believe the time to think about a technological future has long gone. It's time to step into the AI-designed world and make the most of its benefits.



Medical Grade PCBA Assembly equipment saved hospital viral infections from infecting other devices connected in the network

An intelligent and efficient medical system infrastructure that not just fights with the present challenges but also prepares medical setups to combat future infectious and bacterial challenges.


3D Visual

A 3d Visual world like no other for world-class movies and storytelling with compact metaphysics libraries, making characters real

Engage and interact with a broader audience in a dynamic world of 3d visuals that knows no ends.


Software Development

Offering professional services focused on designing, engineering, supporting, and evolving various types of software, all at a single platform.

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VLSI Design

from analog to mixed-signal verification, IP development, RF design, and turnkey design solutions; Tech4biz prides itself in offering you all that and much more.

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Saving thousands of Dollars for companies by helping them deploy their Cloud servers (AWS/Azure/Google Cloud) correctly

We don't just help you save on the additional servers and infrastructure but also lower your company's labor cost so you can focus on accelerating business growth and performance.

Cloud Infrastructure Deployments

we provide SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service), and PaaS (platform as a service) solutions to help your business efficiently step into the cloud world.



Flexible Deployment Options


Scalable and Secure




Easy to Use



Internet of things (IoT)

Trust our IoT experts for designing, building, installing, and operating IoT solutions catered to your business infrastructure.

Stay ahead of the curve

Get real-time insights

Automate processes

Improve customer satisfaction

Increase revenue

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How Our Services Will Help You to Grow Your Business


How AI is bringing a massive change in Medical Industry

Using efficient AI infrastructure, our primary focus is to disrupt and revolutionize the healthcare business by innovatively redefining the quality of medical services.

Hardware accelerated

Hardware accelerated compute designs for Quantum computing improve speed by 100x

With faster hardware's accelerating the efficiency of quantum computing setups, complex computing problems and demands can be handled in a limited timeframe.


3D Designing and Engineering saved POC costing by 200k Dollars

Modern design and engineering approaches for 3D project or product outcome is a reliable approach to achieving a more efficient, budget-friendly, and solution-providing design and infrastructure outcome.


EV PCB board designs help businesses launch EVs in the market space

Use advanced technological infrastructure to curb emissions, driving your business and the consumers associated with it towards a safer and better future.

We Carry More Than Just Good Coding Skills

Let's Build Your Software!

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Perfect Solution for IT Services!

Cloud Servers for your business infrastructure deployments and save the cost of managing in-house resources.

Efficient cloud services offer automatic deployment that helps your business scale up and down, maintaining optimum performance under heavy workloads.


Hardware Design Development

our hardware design and development engineers comprise years of long experience in designing and developing simple as well as high-end gadgets catered to human satisfaction.

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Software Designing

Software Designing Services

You can now achieve better efficiency, security, and productivity in any workspace through our professional software designing services.

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3D Animation & Characters Designing Services

Bring your creative ideas and characters to life by closely working with our 3d animations and character designing experts.

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Social Media Designing Services

enhance your business presence and portrayal and social media and win a better social reputation, leaving your competitors behind.

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Build a complete software suite with our advanced embedded IOT using ESP32 chip. Apply the package to your business needs

Upgraded business software to avail of increased security, lower running costs, and extensive productivity – benefitting the employees and customers.


Brand Building & Marketing Services

With our professional and skilled marketing team focused on building a result-oriented brand strategy for your business, improve your business’s online and offline reputation today.

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3D Animation & Characters Designing Services

You can now achieve better efficiency, security, and productivity in any workspace through our professional software designing services.

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Latest Thinking

We Provide a Wide Variety

Advanced FPGA architecture designs with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Convolution neural network (CNN) for high end AI processing

Updating and adaptation as per customer demands, software acceleration, and fast and efficient systems: are all only a few benefits that we strive to deliver through our high-end AI processing services.

Massive AI models can be deployed on our ASIC boards computed performances even better then Google Compute Clouds and AWS FPGA instances saving thousands of query invocation dollars

With efficient speed, performance, and multi-tasking abilities, achieving accelerated results from the same tasks but larger AI models is now possible.

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We Deliver Our Best Solution With The Goal of Trusting

Know what your competition is doing to expand the business and create impactful decisions for growing your own business

Don't just take your business further; expand the outcomes to take it one step ahead of your competitor's approaches.

We have helped Aquaculture Business by designing and fabricating machines for manufacturing companies

We pride ourselves in using efficient designing and fabricating machines to help to manufacture businesses and drive result-oriented production processes.


Botnet attacks are secured using our Hardware Encryption algorithm. Secure peripheral devices at your premises and save Billions of dollars

Despite the ever-evolving and advancing botnet threats or cyber attacks, you can now secure your customer data and business credentials on all connected devices.

We will help you create a brand reputation for your business

With a strong brand reputation, you can take your business to greater extents of success – making it a reputable and trustworthy name in the target market.


PCBA & PCB manufacturing

With our years of experience, we deliver expert PCBA and PCB manufacturing services catered to your business needs and production demands.

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3D Designing and Printing

Work with our team of 3d designing and printing experts to reinvent the way you turn ideas into a creative and 3d visual reality.

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Re-invent Experience and create a world you have always imagined with some of our most exemplary Engineering

Allow your AI infrastructure and integrated engineering approaches that are tried, tested, and proven in the RnD labs to turn your business growth vision into a successful reality.

Designing Advanced Mathematical Algorithms for different business applications

So your workspace system is not just smart and modern but also efficiently capable of dealing with all kinds of complex workspace and organizational tasks and challenges.

Check how Quantum Circuit Designs in our RnD Labs has brought path breaking revolution in the Quantum space

We have achieved immense success in designing efficient building blocks of quantum computers, Quantum Circuit Designs, that have proven to perform faster and more accurate tasks.

Renewable Energy Resources and Technology seamlessly Integrated for a cleaner safer world

We believe that sustainable development is crucial to protecting and improving our resource base by progressively modifying how we create and use technology.