A metaverse of
‘medical technology and AI’

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Virtual Comparative Scanning

Digital twin Scans

Analysis for the best reconstruction of the digital truth


3D printed Phantom Scan

Scan with realistic features for quality controls and model validation

Phantom_back_table_image Phantom_doctor Patient-image Patient-chair Phantom_table_image

Real Patient Scan

Doctors, patients, researchers, Ai-based imaging engineers and so on


Raw Data Sharing


Augmented regulatory science

Human & model Observer studies

Testing & federated learning


Model Deployment


Remote Access

Metaversed medical intervention

Doctors, patients, researchers, AI-based imaging engineers and so on

Meta verse, as per Dictionary meaning, is a computer-generated environment within which users in the form of their avatars can interact with one another and their virtual world surroundings. However, Meta verse is not a mere extension of computer gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality but a complex technology that needs integration with high-speed internet, Virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality(AR), Mixed Reality(MR), Extended Reality(XR), Digital twins, Haptics, Holography, Secure Computation & Artificial Intelligence. Meta verse enables people to interact among themselves and with avatars, AI agents & algorithms, as well as the many facilities of the virtual world, which includes theme parks, gaming stations, medical devices, etc.


Tech4biz Solutions has created a breakthrough in imaging-guided diagnosis and therapy. We have built a biomedical metaverse analogous to computer-aided design software in aerospace engineering, where digital avatars of aircraft and spacecraft are rigorously tested and improved before fabrication in the physical world.


Our Metaverse Software helps with virtual scanning (for finding the best imaging technology in a specific situation) of avatars. Avatar is a virtual twin of a person suffering from an ailment. Our solution then sends these virtual scans to our metaverse clinics where the metaverse AI understands these virtual scans. If the AI indicates the need for surgery, then a robotic remote, surgery is performed (within the metaverse). The data from these virtual trials are shared with the doctors and within our internal AI system for additional training. Doctors can now decide the best course of treatment plan with the information obtained from virtual clinical trials.